Allison Modin

Graphic Design & Illustration


This fledgeling clothing line wanted a logo that represented what their brand’s vibe was shaping up to be- strong, edgy, urban and timeless.

I used the lion head, because nothing says power and strength like the king of beasts. I broke the drawing into geometrical pieces to create edges, and mirrored the size and shapes of the lion in the leafy ring around his head. The negative spaces on the mane are the same size as the spaces between the leaves, and the weight of the image carries through to the bold, geometrical lettering beneath. The angle of the leaves gives the appearance of movement and motion, and goes in line with their ‘always progressing’ mantra.

The logo was used on t-shirts, so I was also in charge of coming up with a colour palette. As this was a summer line, I went with lighter colours that were a bit beachy, but ‘dirtied’ them up a bit for that urban feel.

There were also numerous t-shirt illustrations, some hand drawn and some logo-esque, that were commissioned, but aren’t in print until next season.

  • Role Graphic designer and artist

  • For Phyletic Lifestyle Clothing

  • Date Spring 2014

  • Type Logo, t-shirt design

  • URL

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