2 BUDGIES - branding and website design

Branding and responsive web design for the small web company run by myself and my fiancé. We were unsure of what to call it, so we settled on Two Budgies, because we love our pets that much! (Though now we have five.)

I wanted the logo to be as symmetrical as possible, so we could easily change it into an icon or use it on different products. This translated well into the web design, as we used the same circular image throughout for buttons and links. The colours are budgie-esque, but brightened up to stand out on a dark or muted background.

The website is fully responsive, and was designed alongside my fiancé, who is a developer. The site is entirely original code- no Wordpress or code snippets from other sources.

Graphic designer and responsive web designer
Two Budgies Design + Development
Logo, business cards, and responsive web/mobile design