Allison Modin

Graphic Design & Illustration


I was commissioned to design a logo and a character icon for a new music festival being held in Southern Ontario. The logo would be for the website, posters, and festival banners, and the character icon was to be for t-shirts and other souvenirs of the fest.

The style of music at the venue was a blend of indie folk, classic funk, and psychedelic, and the vibe of the festival was an artsy, ‘be nice to the planet’, nature-meets-Woodstock feel. Since there was a pretty vast collection of inspiration to draw from, I focused on the fact that the festival was happening close to Native American land- this tied in perfectly with the ‘at one with nature’ feel of it all.

I researched Native American symbolism to come up with the character icon, and ended up blending the sun and moon symbols into one entity. Instead of the usual stoic facial expressions on Native American artwork, I’ve given this character a sh*t-eating grin that would be equally appropriate on a blissed-out Cheshire Cat.

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